We are obviously very sorry to report (again) that we are not able to continue with our Spring Event due to both the pool having stringent rules to adhere to still and HS2 messing up the cycle route (although this could have been worked around!) We, therefore, would like to offer those who have entered already a few options….

1a) Try and delay the date on the Spring Event to sometime in late May/early June 2021 – keep booking as is.

1b) Change the date on the Spring booking form to show the 2022 date (when it has been confirmed).  Anyone wishing to have their entry carried over, we can do this.

2) We can refund your entry fee which would be minus the charge paid to Stripe for the use of their services. This fee I believe to be 0.73p for the Adults and 0.43p for the Juniors.

3) If you are unable to make next year’s event but want to donate the money already paid to the Lions (has been done before) – that is most generous and we are very grateful.

I will be sending out an email to all those who have entered, asking you how you wish to continue.

Again – we are really sorry about April’s event  – make sure you reply to the emails when you get them.

Look after yourselves meantime  …

updated 5/4/2021