Triathlon 2018

Spring & Autumn Events

Our triathlon is a sprint length event, starting at 8am for both the Spring & Autumn events with the swim at Southam Leisure Centre / Southam College – there is plenty of parking in the staff car park but this will be shut off during the race. Another car park can be found to the right and rear of the college which would give you a quicker ‘get-away’. The event will be timed and tracked by Stuweb so expect to see your stats on the TV Screen after you have finished the event.

Registration for the Spring & Autumn events is either the Saturday afternoon before from 2:30pm to 5pm (preferable) or from 6am to 7:30am Sunday Morning.

Entry closing dates are 1 week prior to the event date.  Ordering a Tech tee closes 2 weeks before the events due to time it takes to order them.

The entry fee is £35

The 400m swim is held at the leisure centre pool  –  the 20km cycle (19ish!) segment on local roads – the 5k run (5 laps of the circuit) will take place around the College playing fields near to the leisure centre.  The event is open to anyone 15 years old or over on 31st December 2018.

Enter as a Team

If you don’t have the experience or you are more specialised in your area of expertise – you can enter the triathlon as Team competing in a relay.  You get your own area for transition but you will start the swim with the others according to your swim time registered.

The entry fee is £51
You can enter the team/relay event, with up to 3 people.

Team Rules

please read, it could save you 20 mins off your time

16.10 Relay Exchange:
a.) The relay exchange from one team member to another will take place inside the exchange zone, which will be indicated on the day (usually near the pool exit);
b.) The exchange is completed by the in-coming competitor, using their hand to contact the body of the out-going competitor within the exchange zone (kisses, cuddles and hugs also allowed);
c.) If the exchange occurs outside the exchange zone, the team will be made to wear a bunny suit for a month (theoretically);
d.) If the exchange is not completed, the team will be vapourised (in the minds of the other teams who have done it correctly);
e.) Prior to the relay exchange, the competitors will wait in a relay exchange zone and dance the dance of the 7 vails (or wait calmly for your teammate to tag you!);
f.) Competitors must not put their helmet on until they have been tagged by their teammate; only once the competitor has left the exchange zone can the helmet be picked up and secured before the competitor can touch their bike – yes a complete faff but rules is rules you know, failure to comply will result in many intimidating words aired in your direction!;
g.) Competitors must remove their helmet once their bicycle is racked (your adoring fans love to see a bit of ‘helmet hair’); only once the helmet is placed in their numbered area in transition can the competitor enter the exchange zone and tag their teammate.
h.) I might have exaggerated slightly about saving you 20 mins reading this – filling in the form properly will save you 10 by not having to redo it 🙂

Activity Trackers

If you have some form of activity tracking device and you want to see the route before you run it or even have a practice before the big day, we have added some files below that you are more than welcome to take and use.

There are GPX and TCX files for both the Cycle and Run below, click to start the download.


Event Momento

Details of this years momento will be posted up in the very near future – when we decide exactly what it is we are going to do ! There will be a separate booking page for this so you can book the event without having to wait. I will keep you all updated on social media.

Cycle & Run Routes

5 laps of our slightly altered 1km run track – changed to allow space for the Jnr Cycle Track!!