Jnr Triathlon 2021

Spring & Autumn Events

We have introduced a biking element for the children – giving rise to our Jnr Triathlon for them to take part in. We have also moved the event to the Sunday to take advantage of the timing equipment that will already be in use for the adults, so you will be getting full race splits for swim/bike/run and the transition times too.

Another change – we have decided to split the age categories into boy & girls so there will be double the awards this time round – we are also offering an overall winner over both events – check out the Special Award  🙂

Our event is run within the safe environment of the Southam Leisure Centre and Southam College. A fun and fitness event starting at 1pm (exact scheduling may change depending on the amount of entrants) for both the Spring & Autumn events, organised for junior Triathletes of all abilities and experience.

Registration is open from 2:3pm to 5:30pm on Saturday or after the Adult tri event from 11ish to 12:30 on the Sunday beforehand – you will receive your number then.

Please allow enough time to register and set out your equipment in the transition area, bikes will be hung on the racks after the adults event has cleared away (roughly 11:00am).
Entry closing dates are 1 week prior to the event.

The entry fee is £18.00

The swim is held at the leisure centre pool – the bike and run will take place around the College playing fields near to the leisure centre.
The bike should be a cyclocross or MTB (or any bike suitable for grass!)

The Jnr Triathlon distances are determined by age and the event is open to 8 – 14 years old as of 31st December 2021.

Jnr Triathlon distances by age
Age as of 31 Dec 2020SwimBikeRun
TS0 – 850 metres800m500 metres
TS1 9 to 10150 metres1.6km1000 metres
TS2 11 to 12200 metres3.2km2000 metres
TS3 13 to 14300 metres4km3000 metres

Special Award

This year we will be trailing an new award – that being ‘Southam Triathlon Grand Champion’.

How this will run is as follows….

If you come first you will receive 1 point, 2nd will receive 2 points and so on. The lowest score from the combined races we hold (Spring & Autumn) will win the trophy.

You have to enter both events to be considered for the trophy.

There will be an overall champion for each age group … TS0, TS1, TS2 and TS3. It could be a girl or boy, just depends on how well you have done over both events!

Good luck! 🙂

Cycle & Run Routes